Moving a Tree in Kent, CT

Today we moved a tree for a client in Kent, CT.  This tree was the biggest I’ve moved so far with the new tractor/loader/backhoe.  Even with 4000 lbs. of lift, we were right at the upper limit with the machine for this 5″ caliper Japanese Maple with a 57″ root ball.     Transplanting a tree There is finally a smile on my face because up until five minutes ago, I didn’t know if the tractor would lift the weight.  I’ve moved plenty of trees over the years.  With larger sized trees there is always a certain amount of anxiety just after the tree is dug and ready for moving.   Tree moving Just in case there are any doubters, yes we did get the tree out of the ground and on the edge of it’s new location. Tree moving

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  1. Dede delaney says:

    hey Rich .. Nice job well done!!

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