A Pleasant Surprise at a Litchfield County Nursery

Today was a plant buying day, getting ready for the upcoming annual planting season.  I had heard about a nursery this past winter that I decided to go to and was extremely happy that I did.  Brierwood Nursery in Morris was a great find.  I have been to a lot of nurseries not only in Connecticut but all over the United States.  As I visit most nurseries, the stories are common.  Owners and employees typically complaining about a bunch of things that are out of their control.  The cost of heating greenhouses, rainy weekends that aren’t good for business, the lack of sales, too much work for too little pay etc, etc, etc.    Walking into Brierwood was a pleasant surprise.  Brierwood is one of the cleanest nurseries I’ve visited in a while.  The plants were laid out in perfect rows, I didn’t see one weed,  everything was watered and the plants were perfect.  The best part of the visit though were the owners.  I mostly dealt with one of the owners daughters.  Her enthusiasm was infectious.  If you live in Litchfield County and you are looking for annuals, I highly recommend Brierwood.Landscaping in Connecticut

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  1. Laura Rock says:

    I have been to that nursery, isn’t it wonderful. Wait until you see what they have for mums in the fall.

    1. Yeah Laura, it was a refreshing stop.