After spending the night in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, COwe were in Rocky Mountain National Park before 8am for a harrowing 9 mile ride up Old Fall River Road.  A fantastic dirt road filled with steep cliffs, elk, waterfalls and switchbacks, lots of switchbacks.Once at the top, we were greeted with 37 degree temps and snow.  After a short stop at the visitor center we continued on our way to Grand Lake.  Along the way we were lucky enough to see a bull moose up close.A quick drive down the main drag of Grand Lake where 500 call home, then back to the top of the mountain to complete the loop.  Unfortunately, when we got back to the top, the snow was really coming down and visibility was a couple 100 yards.  We decided instead of missing out on the scenic decent back down to Estes Park, we would head back to Grand Lake again and out towards Wyoming.  We have a 500 mile drive to the Grand Tetons.  By leaving R.M.N.P. early enough, we could break the trip into 2 days.   The hopes is to come back through R.M.N.P. to finish the loop at the end of our trip.  As for my research for my Middlebury client, here is the only built Colorado landscape I saw today.Tonight I call Rawling, WY home.

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