Grand Teton’s didn’t disappoint today.  149 pictures were taken and after looking at them, it will be extremely difficult to whittle that number down.  I’m starting to think I’m becoming a professional photographer.  It’s too easy when you’re surrounded by all a national park has to offer.  We started the day with a huge bull moose sighting.  In less than a minute, it disappeared into the woods.  Wanting to see more, I decided to track it down.  When I finally found it, I was standing directly above it while it laid in the pond below.  All was good until I heard snorting close by.  I turned around to find his mate twenty feet from me.  A little scary!  Drove the whole park today, stopping in at every lookout along the way.  Twice today we came across a herd of Bison at least a hundred strong. We watched as these huge beasts jumped over a four foot fence like nothing.  The last of the bunch was a mom and baby.  The mom was about to jump but realized her baby wouldn’t be able to make the leap.  They walked down the fence line until they found a lower section and the baby followed the mom over the fence where they quickly caught up to the group.  I always thought that green roof’s were a new concept in the movement to conserve energy and reduce runoff.  Green roof projects are literally sprouting up around the globe.  I have to wonder why it took so long?  Here is a homestead I saw today built in the late 1800’s.  The literature didn’t call it a green roof but simply ‘a roof with soil’.Tomorrow we’ll start the day in Grand Teton and the afternoon in Yellowstone with the hopes of seeing a bear.

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