Woke up at the crack of dawn with all the professional and amateur photographers to see what this magic light was all about.

I was taking pictures by 6:30 a.m. with the hopes of better animal sightings, like they can get any better? I have to admit that the pictures do look better. The sun rise and reflections off the water were incredible. In an hour and a half, between 4 different sites I saw two moose, 3 otters up close and a herd of elk.

We were off to Yellowstone by 9:30. I am still wrapping my head around the size of this park. How big is 3 million acres? They say it takes a day and a half just to drive the two interior loops. We were lucky to get rooms in the park. It is hard to imagine, but we got the last rooms for the next 3 days. Two nights in Grant Village and the last night in Canyon Village. The second hotel is an hour and a half away from the Old Faithful area. Are you kidding? That hotel is along one of two interior loops. The park’s boundaries go way, way beyond those two main driving loops. So four days in the park and we will probably just scratch the surface. Time will tell. Today we spent the whole day visiting the lodges and geysers around Old Faithful. What cool architecture! Can you imagine 40 guys working through the winter to build the historic Old Faithful Inn? Supposedly, it was so cold that the workers kept their nails in a skillet on the stove because the metal nails were shattering when hit with a hammer. As a side note, if this is the off season, I wouldn’t want to come during high season. There had to be 3000 people watching Old Faithful erupt. Earliest dinner reservation tonight was 8:45.The art of algae.

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