Once the cold weather arrives, your containers do not need to head for winter storage.  Here are some ideas for your containers through winter.  winter containerI saw this container at the new residential development in Bethel.  Whoever designed it did a beautiful job.

A wintr container with Yellow Twig DogwoodA Yellow Twig Dogwood fills a snow covered container in winter.I love the contrast of the Yellowtwig Dogwood, dark paint color and container.

Decorating with Winter greens

I saw this winter display placed right on the ground in Bryant Park, New York.  he color contrast between the Redtwig Dogwood and Blue Spruce makes a nice contrast that could very easily fill a container.

A winter containerSorry this picture is out of focus.  I wanted to include it anyway because I like how the Pussy Willow adds some  interest texture and vertical accent to this container filled with Violets.


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