Day 3 was a travel day.  The one thing we learned today is state road signs are much smaller in Wyoming then most other places.  We found that out after we ended up in Casper (eastern Wyoming) when we were supposed to be heading west.  That mistake added about 3 hours to our already long drive to Grand Teton National Park as well as missing the scenic road we were supposed to be driving along.  The extra time in the car stunk but I couldn’t imagine what kind of scenery we missed.  This was a typical view along the non scenic route.We finally caught back up with our original planned route just in time for some spectacular views just outside the G.T. park entrance.We finally arrived in the park at 3:30 p.m. already animal snobs.  You always know when animals are ahead because of the cars along the road.  10 minutes into the park and we see two moose.  We got out of the car for a couple of minutes looked at each other and walked back to the car.  It will be hard to beat a moose sighting like we had yesterday.  Driving last night was wild.  We were averaging 80 m.p.h. on 2 lane roads for hours.  I would see cars coming towards us for what seemed like minutes.  After a while I would think that the cars were pulled over on the side of the road.  Eventually a vehicle would pass and they were driving just as fast as we were.  My depth perception was way off.  The same thing happened when we were supposed to be getting on a highway.  We saw the highway in the distance.  I told my mom that the highway we were seeing wasn’t our highway because the GPS is telling us 4 miles to go.  Really strange!  On a side note, I’m ashamed to say that we east coasters are slobs.  I’ve driven hundreds of miles, even spent some time in Denver and I’ve seen about as much litter in two states as I see in front of our house on a weekly basis.  I’m up to seven pieces of litter counter after 3 days and 2 states.  Hey Schipul’s, not many animals today but as promised here they are.  We also saw 1 elk and some antelope (no pictures).  Not sure what this thing is.

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