reducing moles, mice and chipmunks naturallyMeet Martin, the voracious mole, mouse and chipmunk terminator.  Often, our clients come to us asking what they should do about all the rodents doing damage to their lawn, plants and landscapes.  I typically explain all the traps and poisons on the market but if you’re looking for a lot less work and energy, your solution is a barn cat.  Martin came to us through our local animal shelter after a mole and chipmunk problem became far more than I could handle.  I told my wife that it was time for a cat and even though she and one of my sons are allergic to cats, she was on board.  We went to the shelter asking for a barn cat and they recommended him.  It’s Martin second lease on life.  He has always been an outside cat, was captured and spent the last year in a small cage at the shelter.  Even though he was brought to the property for a specific task, he has very much become a part of our family.  It doesn’t surprise me that kids adore him but I am shocked on how close my wife has become to Martin.    I find her all the time spending time with him outside.

Life with Martin was slow going at the start.  He definitely loved to chase insects but nothing else.  That is until recently.  He was finally found interest in rodents.  This month, he has brought us an unbelievable amount of mice, chipmunks and moles.  He is finally holding up his end of the bargain.  What’s not to love?

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