If you’re thinking of purchasing an HP computer consider this.  I have two HP computers, a laptop and a desktop.  The desktop is 9 months old and the laptop is less than two years old.  The left click on the laptop broke within the first six months of owning the machine.  There is no resistance under the button.  It wobbles from side to side and if you don’t place your finger in precisely the right spot, you can’t get it to work.  A quick internet search of the problem brought to light a whole slew of unhappy people but this is not why I write this.  The desktop is the real problem.  Actually, it is HP customer NO service that causes me to write this post.  Supposedly, HP computers have a 1 year warranty.  That said, you would think that my 10 month old computer, which has been broken for months, would be covered under warranty but HP disputes that.  I bought the desktop in January 2011.  By August, the computer stopped working.  I brought it to my friend Steve from Fieldstone Digital and that is where it still remains while HP drags its feet on this warranty issue.  They are questioning my claim that the computer should be covered under warranty.  Who knew that a warranty starts the day the computer is made, not when it’s purchased?  I didn’t, but that is what HP is claiming.  A 7 month old computer isn’t covered under a 1 year warranty.  With that kind of thinking, if I was the brains behind HP marketing, I would build computers 2 and a half years in advance and market the heck out of “best in the industry two year warranty”. For business owners, here is the kicker.  Do good work, stand behind your product and service the customer.  If not, you might have a disgruntled former supporter who you have lost for good who just might trash your computers on WordPress, Linkedin and Facebook.  With the internet, blogs and social media, doesn’t HP realize I’m my own marketing company? The longer this goes on the more upset I will get.  The more upset I get the more I will write and post bad things about HP all over the internet and the longer it takes the more I’ll expect in return for not having a computer for months.  In case you’re wonder, I will be sending a link to this post directly to HP customer service.  Maybe that will wake them up.

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