Although my taxes are still not done, most of the paperwork to start the year is complete. It’s now time to focus on the landscape designs that are on my plate for the 2018 season. My first design of the year is a small design for a Cape in Bridgewater that includes a new entry garden and front walk. The design concept for this traditional house is evergreen hedges against the house and a couple of layers of plants in front of the hedges. The clients, weekend NYers, are looking for a low maintenance garden with the look and feel of the gardens on our website. I’m still waiting for the client who asks for a high maintenance garden! I had to explain to them that a lot of the gardens they like are not low maintenance so the design program will need to change. We’ll either need to design their garden with more shrubs and less perennials and annuals than they were hoping for or they’ll need to be more accepting of garden maintenance as a regular task. The below design should be a nice trade-off between maintenance and flowers.

New landscape in Bridgewater

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