We recently completed a landscape renovation involving a gunite pool for a New York architect who owns a home in Litchfield County.  So what happens when a New York architect and a local landscaper join forces?  Some pretty funky stuff!  The landscape design (below) was more of a 3rd grade drawing than a refined landscape design but the collaboration between the two of us was non the less fun, educational and thought provoking.  The design process felt more like the design charrettes I was exposed to while majoring in Landscape Architecture than the typical client design process. With two design guys from different disciplines in the same room discussing the project, concepts and ideas were tossed in the air faster than they could be retained.Litchfield County pool landscape

The architect/client had pretty clear thoughts on the aesthetics but he was struggling to make the project come together.  We both agreed that a simplistic design approach would fit best with the mid century modern architecture.  On site was an Airstream that was being renovated and was to be part of the project.  The plan was to situate the trailer so it could be used not only as a pool house but also as a guest bedroom. Siting the Airstream became a big part of the design challenge. The Airstream had to become part of the new pool area yet be situated outside the pool fence so the clients young grandchildren could come and go from the space without entering the pool area.

Keeping things simple, we ended up planting an all grass garden.  The Airstream was incorporated into one of the beds, sinking the front of the camper into the grade to soften its mass from the property entrance and house. Incorporating the camper into the garden softened the structure even more.  This landscape is still filling.  The lawn is slated for renovation this fall and we’re hoping for more height with the grasses to conceal the fence even more than it is now.  I can’t wait to see this garden mature.  Did you notice the mid century pool furnishings?

gunite pool landscape renovation

This informal granite patio was added to the pool


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