When we designed and built our house years ago we didn’t really give woodpeckers much thought.  Why would we? We live on 10 acres and they had plenty of places to peck in the woods surrounding the house.  Fast forward 8 years, woodpeckers have become a real nuisance.  Over the years, woodpeckers have done plenty of damage to multiple buildings on our property.  woodpeckers damaging buildingsHoles, both big and small, are now commonplace.   To combat the problem I decided to give mylar strips a try following the success of one of our landscape clients in New Preston.  The mylar has been up for a couple of months now and it seems to be working. I haven’t notice any damage lately.  Not sure the woodpeckers will get used to it over time but if I were a bird, the noise and reflections from the mylar blowing in the breeze would deter me from pecking the side of a building.Mylar strips to deter woodpeckers

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