Is a landscape design a good investment? Well, in my opinion it is. There have been plenty of studies and articles that have been written over the years regarding the benefits of landscaping and landscape design. From Money Magazine’s cover story that said you can recoup 100-200% from every dollar spent on landscaping to the Smart Money cover story that said you can increase the value of your home by 15% to a host of other groups, government agencies focusing on the environment and many others. The one thing that the two magazine articles both mentioned is that to recoup your money or add to the value of your home, the landscape needed to be well thought out and properly maintained over the years. Your best chance for a well thought out landscape is by taking the time to think the landscape through on paper first. Unfortunately, most landscapes are thrown together with a quick walk through a nursery, buying whatever is in flower at the time or on sale. By planning ahead, the designer is able to work through all the small details long before plants are purchased and the labor intensive work begins. A landscape design is a small price to pay for the chances at a successful landscape.

Outdoor living space and bluestone courtyard in Kent, CT

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