If you’re a landscape designer, landscaper, artist, architect, interior designer or anyone else who likes gardens and art, you might be interested in this event in Fairfield County on Oct. 7th 2014.   Renowned English artist David Harber, www.davidharber.com, will give a talk ‘Taking Pleasure in the Passing of Time’.

The lecture will look at the evolution of scientific instrument to garden sculpture.
It will touch on the development of sundials, their timeless appeal and how they have evolved into the stunning and breath taking creations David now designs

As a way of introduction, David is fascinated by the use of shadows, and incorporates light, water and reflections to create surprising and delightful illusions. His work has an ethereal quality, drawing integrity from his commitments to using only the finest quality materials.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here.  www.ApldCT.org


garden sundialA David Harber sundial

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