Have you ever thought about landscaping your property? Have you ever wondered whether you could afford everything you’re hoping to create? You can if you change your way of thinking. If you’re able to look at landscaping a different way, you won’t see it as a cost but an investment. I often tell people that landscaping your house won’t cost you a thing, it will make you money.

Within the last couple of years landscape articles have appeared in both Money and Smart Money magazines. Why would magazines whose focus is on money and investing dedicate as many as 8 full pages and the cover to landscaping? Because both magazines agree that landscaping your house is a great investment! The article in Money said you could expect to recoup 100-200% return on investment. They went on to say that landscaping is the best home improvement project for the money. The title on the cover of Smart Money was “Increase your Homes Value by 15%”. You invest in the curb appeal of your property, you, your friends and your family get to enjoy it and then you can expect to recoup ever dollar you invest and possibly more. The way I see it, you can’t afford not to landscape!

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