Copper Beech 028 031 IMG_0487 IMG_1791To better serve our clients, we are expecting to open a nursery in the near future. Since purchasing our land, we have spent countless hours working on our property.  With the carriage house restored and the barn moved onto a new foundation, we are now in the process of clearing the land from many years of neglect.

By creating a space where clients can come to see plants and the benefits that gardens have on the environment and our daily life, we will better educate our clients.  It is our plan to create a horticultural showplace where people can get excited about our passion for creating living outdoor environments.



Barn and Nursery A

Site of the Barn

barn moving

Moving the Barn


The Move is Complete



Read all about chasing our dream of owning a nursery to better serve our customers from Bridgewater to Washington in our Fall 2007 Landscaping Newsletter.

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