Landscape design is all about creating interest in the garden throughout the growing season.  The more plants you can fit into a garden, the more flower power you’ll have an opportunity to create.  That being said, the one thing you are trying to avoid is what I call the ‘arboretum effect’. The ‘Arboretum effect’ is a garden that has one of every plant. That’s not really a garden as it is a collection of plants so you have to careful while plannng out your landscape.  The key to a successful landscape is to balance the amount of plants you need to fill a space while also adding enough different varieties of plants to provide enough interest in the garden.  Below is a project we did in Litchfield County. Holly, Echinacea, Globe Blue Spruce, Coreopsis, two types of Salvia, Oriental Lillies, Tide Hill Boxwood and finally Dianthus round out the border from back to front.

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