There are so many variables while installing landscapes, you never truly know how your day is going to unfold no matter how much you plan ahead.  We’ve been busy installing a landscape at a house in Westport over the last month.  This week was lawn installation day.  It hasn’t been an easy project due to many factors beyond our control.  A narrow private road, access into the site due to fences and slopes, way too many contractors on the property still working while the landscape is going in etc., etc., etc.

We were hoping to install 14,500 sq ft of sod in one day which was quite ambitious considering the above factors but what we didn’t figure into the estimate was the location the Westport police wanted us to unload the sod rather than where it made the most sense, a machine breakdown that not only stopped the unloading and installation process but also closed the small narrow road for hours and the sod laying apparatus breaking after borrowing another, way too large machine from another construction site a mile down the road.  Instead of 1-2 hours of unload time, the delivery truck had to park a mile away and the sod had to be transferred to another truck to be unloaded at the job site. That alone took 7 hours.  The job took 14 hours and a total of 14 guys, 7 stepping in at the end of the day for a couple of hours to blow it out and get it done so a conservation inspection could take place the next morning.  When it was all said and done, the day started at 5:30 am and finished at 10:40pm.  Exhausting to say the least!

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