I have a new love affair with Taxodium.  I’ve known about the tree for years but it wasn’t until sitting underneath a grove of them near the Intrepid Air and Space Museum that I became reaquainted with this special plant.  Ever since that day this summer, I can’t get enough of the plant.  Just this week, while driving back from a client meeting in Washington, CT, I saw 4 or 5 off in the distance on a Litchfield County Estate.  My truck immediately slowed to a crawl as I admired their form. What’s not to like about this pseudo evergreen?  Nice, soft light green needles, great bark, great growth habit and unusual fall color.  What makes Taxodium so unique is it is one confused tree.  It looks like an evergreen tree but is really a deciduous conifer.  Yes, as winter approaches, Taxodium needles change from their light green appearance to a beautiful burnt umber before falling to expose a stately form that will add both architecture and interest to any landscape.


A great conifer for CT You know it’s a tough tree to be able to grow in this urban environment.

A pruned up bald cypress


Sitting below this grouping of Taxodium, shaded from the sun can’t get any better.  Well maybe a cocktail could make it better!

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