I stopped in this spring to a landscape we did in Kent a couple years earlier. Boy, I’m glad I did. I couldn’t have chosen a better day. Even though the landscape was installed year’s earlier and I stop in on a somewhat regular basis when I’m driving by, I never saw the landscape at this time of year. The native Phlox stolonifera ‘Sherwood Purple’ was in full bloom. I’ve come to love these low growing Phlox varieties for their ability to cover the ground in shady conditions. If there was one improvement I’d like to see in this plant, it would be taller foliage. Ground covers are supposed to help create a lower maintenance garden but because the foliage of Sherwood Purple and other stolonifera’s are so low to the ground, the plant doesn’t do a great job at weed prevention. It’s a ground cover that needs to be weeded on occasion which is unfortunate. That being said, these ground cover Phlox’s are definitely worth a try.

native planting

native planting

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