In regards to houses and landscaping, the front door and the experience from parking area to that door always plays a major role in every landscape design.

026wAbove is a before picture of a landscape project we are currently working on.  As you can see the current situation isn’t very welcoming or accomodating for multiple guests.  Also, the walk was contructed out of natural fieldstone with large gaps in between and really uneven.  Besides creating a new entrance that would welcome guests, the goal was to create a safer walk that was wide enough so two people could walk side by side to thw front door.

Granite walkway and seating wall


fieldstone seating wall

Here are a couple after photo’s of the new design.  A epay deck that is generous enough for some chairs or benches is surrounded by a fieldstone seating wall capped in bluestone.  A new granite slab walkway bring people from the parking area to the front door.

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