Creating a trench in Connecticut is never easy.  I can remember one trench over the last 2o something years of landscaping throughout Fairfield and Litchfield County that went as planned.  Any time you’re putting a shovel, trencher or backhoe in the ground, you have to assume obstacles, many obstacles!  Here is a picture of one of the trenches we had to dig between house and future chicken coop.  New milford trenching

Everything looks good so far but in just a few feet from my final destination and I hit a boulder.  I tried to go around it but I couldn’t find another route so I had to take out the backhoe.

New Milford trenching

The boulder eventually came out but it wasn’t easy.  Now I know why I couldn’t get around it, the boulder was over 7 feet along and positioned across my 4″ trench. I expect obstacles but you never wish to find a boulder the size of a small car.

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