At Designing Eden llc, the landscapes we design and install tend to have a lot of seasonal interest.  We accomplish this by using a mixture of various flowering trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers.  For most of our clients, that approach is more than sufficient in terms of providing enough seasonal color in their landscape or garden.  Some of our clients though, want to get as much seasonal color as possible.   For those clients, we suggest leaving a lot of space open for annuals.  Annuals provide non stop color throughout the growing season.  Also, annuals will give a garden a certain ‘wow’ factor that just isn’t possible with shrubs or perennials, especially when a client is committed to rotating the annuals 3 times a year.  The coolest part about this approach, in my eyes, is this strategy gives the garden a different look and feel from year to year and even season to season.  Below are multiple pictures of the same Ridgefield, CT garden over a two year period.  As you’ll see, this garden looks quite different from not only year to year but from season to season.Landscape in Ridgefield Ridgefield Landscape borderEarly spring pansies in front of the fence

Spring garden in Ridgefield

Later that same season, the fence is covered with taller annuals given the space a different look.

Design of a landscape in RidgefieldRidgefield, CT landscape edger plantsMums in Ridgefield, CT

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