Have you seen this plant? I’m sure you have.  Have you ever wondered why you have more of it spreading through your gardens and landscape every year.  The plant is Garlic Mustard, a landscape pest in Connecticut gardens.  If you have it in your gardens and don’t want any more next season, you’ll need to pull it and remove it from your property now.  I took these pictures today in a New Milford garden.  If you allow it to flower and set seed, this is what you will have next season.

You’ll be dealing with hundreds of offspring for every plant that flowers this season.  This is most likely from a single plant that was nearby.  I’ve been fighting Garlic Mustard for years around our property.  I will tell you that the key is to get this plant early before it flowers.  It is easy to pull out so if you get out in early spring before it sets seed, you can pull it and leave it.  Good luck.

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