What foodies do in their own landscapes.

When I was in school studying Landscape Architecture, professors would walk around the design studio, look at your partially drawn landscape design and ask what your concept was.  They really didn’t care what the design looked like because design is so subjective.  What they were interested in was your concept for the client and how the concept supported the overall design.  While walking The Culinary Institute of America today, I got a quick chuckle.  My mind flashed back to my days as a landscape design student.  The planters placed around the campus were so appropriate and I’m sure would have gotten praise from my past Landscape Architecture professors.  The obvious question is whether the vegetables in the planters are used in any of the C.I.A. restaurants.Peppers with Calibrachoa

vegetables and annuals in containersThe edible flowers of Nasturtiums, cherry tomatoes and Lantana.

Lettuce mixed with the orange flowers of what looks like Gazania.

Nasturtiums, Eggplant and Calibrachoa

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  1. Christian Williams says:

    Hey Rich! Wish I knew you were at the CIA…I live about a mile away! Did you see the herb garden outside of Ristorante Caterina de Medici? I’m not sure about the planters above, but the herbs are certainly used in their cooking.

    1. Hey Christian, thanks for commenting. I didn’t realize you live along there. I’m still waiting to see you at some flea market.