This post came to me today while looking at my own garden.  The last thing you want to do when designing a landscape is not provide enough interest throughout the garden season.  I’ve seen way too many gardens over my 25 year career as a landscape designer that ultimately disappoint homeowners because of a lack of seasonal appeal.  There is no reason to not have a four season garden in Connecticut besides a lack of proper planning.  With a nine month growing season, there is plenty of opportunity for a four season garden.  Sure, you have to be creative during our long winters but it can be done with evergreens, winter flowering plants and bulbs, exfoliating bark and interesting textures to name a few.  Look at what you have and when you lack flowers and then go out there and fill in the gaps. This is what landscape design is all about, proper planning!  Here is a close up picture with one perennial past its prime after flowering for 6 weeks, one in full flower while a third is just coming into its prime.

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