As a landscape designer, nothing drives me more crazy than homeowners and professionals who disregard the site analysis and history of a property.  Follow this simple approach for a successful and unified landscape.  If you have a lot of shade, install a shade garden.  Don’t try to install a bunch of plants that thrive in full sun.  It seems obvious but I’m amazed at how many times I see a style of garden that has been forced into a space it shouldn’t be.  You are just setting yourself, and the landscape up for eventual failure.  In the same token, it’s always a good idea to reduce your paving materials down to one or two.  If your house has a brick and bluestone stoop that isn’t going to be replaced, then please create a new walkway leading up to the existing stoop in either a matching brick or bluestone.  Don’t build the new walkway out of stone or worse a concrete paver that sort of looks like brick.  Tacky!  The overall goal is to marry house and landscape so it create a seamless, unified effect.  Believe me, you can’t create a unified effect with a handful of  different paving materials around every corner.  The landscape will look disjointed and hodgepodge.  Choose your hardscape materials wisely and remember……less is always better!To see more of our projects please visit www.designingeden.com

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