How to Break a Rock.

I decided to move a building on our property so it could be turned into a chicken coop.  Before the move, I had to clear an area to accommodate the new building site.  What seemed so simple at the time turned to a long day.  I had not one, but two tree stumps that had grown around a large rock. 

After an hour with a backhoe, I decided that another strategy was needed to release the rock from the stumps.  Have you ever wondered how to break a rock that’s too large for equipment to move or too difficult to move for some other reason? I’ve had to rely on feather and wedges many times over the years. I’m always amazed how well these little tools work on even the largest boulders.

It’s as simple as drilling holes in a rock, dropping a wedge and two feathers in the hole and hammer away.  The feather and wedges will split the largest rocks to a more manageable size.

So if you ever come across a rock in the landscape you don’t like, grab these simple tools and go relieve some stress with some horticultural therapy.

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