Accessorizing the back patio in a Bridgewater Landscape.

The back patio, a centralized zone for summer entertaining, family meals, fun and relaxation.  No matter the size and shape of your backyard entertaining area, it is important to accessorize the space to not only make it more visually appealing but also comfortable so people want to use the space.

If accessorized properly, the back patio usually becomes one of the most used parts of the house.  Think of it and decorate it as an outdoor living room.  Instead of pictures on the walls, create visual statements with planter combinations spread throughout the space.  As you can see in the photo below, it wasn’t enough to create a beautiful outdoor patio.  Even though most people would die for such a large patio, there is still plenty of opportunity to make this patio a much more inviting space.

Annuals were added to the garden beds for season long color.  We then added planter vignettes around the patio at each entrance.  It was important to use multiple planters.  Typically, people put one small planter out in numerous areas.  What ends up happening is the planters get lost in their surroundings.  Standing alone, the varying  sizes of the planters create interest.  Adding the annuals to all the extra planting areas that these multiple planter vignettes create it becomes not a planter but a statement, a focal point that people will notice.

Next time you are decorating your patio for summer entertaining, try the multiple planter approach.  Your family and your guests will take notice. Happy planting!

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