Landscape Progress New Preston

Lake Waramaug Landscape
Landscape Progress New Preston

Here are some landscape progress shots of a property on Lake Waramaug in New Preston we are currently working on. The concept of this project is a Piet Oudolf inspired meadow. Lots of flowers, thousands actually, planted in a meadow like setting. It’s not a native meadow. This planting consists of many native but a lot of non natives are present as well.

A natural landscape in New Preston
Meadow like planting

There’s still a ways to go on this one. After thousands of plants, the area is moving into another phase, adding another section as well as continuing to add plants and nurturing what’s currently growing. If you’re curious, most of the original plantings were plugs but we are now adding more one gallon containers as we fine in.

New Preston Landscape
Piet Oudolf Inspired Landscape

The above picture is an overview of the front yard. Behind me is the lake. In the foreground is a rain garden that collects a majority of the runoff from the property and a lawn which will eventually be removed and replaced with more Viburnum and Hydrangea to screen the road. The middle ground is a Piet Oudold inspired planting features approximately 4000 native and non native ornamental grasses and perennials. Just below the house on the left is a grass area that we will begin to develop this fall. Just off the house is a small grass area lined with Boxwood.

Lake Waramaug Landscape
View of Lake Waramaug
Lake Waramaug Landscape
Boxwood edged yard
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