Drainage Installation Project

We received a call from someone who had an issue with a basement that would flood during heavy rains. The culprit, a basement door. The door was place at the bottom of a slope. During heavy rains, water would pool against the base of the door, eventually making its way into the basement. To make matters worse, the existing piping that all the roof gutters led to were crushed. This prevented the gutters from working properly. To alleviate the flooding problem, we first installed a trench drain directly in front of the base of the door. If any water made it to the base of the door in the future, it would drop into the trench drain and flow away. We then placed a catch basin directly up hill from the door as an added precaution just in case any water decided to follow the foundation. This would definitely come in handy if the gutters ever clogged with leaves in the future. Lastly, we replaced all the crushed piping that directs all of the water away from the foundation and into the woods. This should do the trick and provide a dry basement for years to come.

catch basin installation
Catch Basin Installation
trench drain and drainage pipe
Trench Drain & Drainage Pipe
Drainage installation
Drainage Installation
Replacing drainage
Fixing Drainage Issue
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Richard Schipul
Richard Schipul

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