Breaking up an outdoor event truck.

Being sold as 1 or 2 lots. 1 lot being all the electrical supplies you see on this page. Lot 2 would be the truck body, the lift gate and the air assisted light pole. The truck is not for sale. At this point, I’m not willing to sell any of the electric parts separately. The generator is sold.

Picture above: 4 Cables (white, red, blue and black). Each are 28′ long, Helix cam lock 2/0 1/0 #1. Outdoor entertainment industrial stage cable. 520/530 max amp Carol 2 AWG 105 degree Celsius 600 volt

1 Cable (Green). 30′ long. 100 amp Helix cam lock 2/0 1/0 #1 #2 series 16 . 600 volt 235 amp.Outdoor entertainment industrial stage cable. 105 degree Celsius 600 Volt NEC cable 400-5. 520 &530 max amp

Picture above: 35′ long cable Lex Multi Flex E96824 AWM style 20326. 105 degree Celsius 600 volt. 12 AWG 14C

Next 3 pictures below are Box 1

Next 2 pictures below are Box 2

Panel 1below

Wire and electrical boxes

Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 3

1500 Watt Lights

Label for 6 lights

Label for 2 lights

6 ballasts for lights

Light plug

Light plug

The following pictures are of the box truck body. Coming off a 2003 truck with 5300 miles. Yes, 5300 miles! Truck was used to power outdoor events. Only driven spring through fall. Body has never seen snow and was garaged since new.

Air assisted telescoping light pole

Air assisted telescoping lighting pole.

Telescoping light pole base with air compressor hookup.

Body with strobe lights

Underside of Body

Roof of Body

Interior floor of body. Generator is sold!

Roof of Box

Interior view of body. Interior lights, electrical panel and base to telescoping light pole


More interior lights, shelf and E-track. Custom aluminum shelf

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