Getting the Most Out of Your Garden

I see a lot of gardens created by homeowners and landscapers that leave a lot to be desired. Plants tend to be separated by seas of mulch with not a lot of variety in plant material or the exact opposite, the garden is a collection of plants with one of everything.

To get the most out of your garden, it takes a lot of plant variety. Most flowering plants, besides annuals, will only flower for a couple weeks. To create an aesthetically pleasing garden, there are some rules we follow at Designing Eden llc to maximize a gardens visual impact. First, it takes more than one plant to make an impact. Second, every garden should be composed of evergreens, deciduous shrubs and perennials. Gardens that include a pop of annuals with take your garden to a whole other level but it’s a commitment of time and money. Third, a garden should be designed with multiple plant layers with a consideration towards flowering times. Fourth, using different textures and colors creates interest. When creating gardens, we use different foliage, different plant habits and different flower shapes to create interest beyond flower color. There’s a lot that goes into a successful garden beyond these 4 tips but they remain top of mind when creating a landscape design and choosing the plant list.

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Richard Schipul

For the last 30 years, I have owned the landscape company Designing Eden LLC based in New Milford, CT. We offer landscape designs, landscape installations and garden maintenance services in Fairfield and Litchfield County Connecticut. I am currently the only Nationally Certified Landscape Designer in Litchfield County and sit on the board of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers and Mad Gardeners.


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