I’ve been a landscaper a long time, over 30 years to be exact. I started my business when I was 12 years old.  Along the way, I received a degree in Horticulture and another in Landscape Architecture.  I still love what I do and couldn’t imagine sitting behind a desk 40 hours a week.  That doesn’t mean every day is paradise.  I still have bad days where things don’t go exactly as planned.  Last week, we were doing some drainage work.  We were supposed to connect a channel drain and trench drain to an existing pipe.  When we uncovered the existing pipe, it was broken and crushed.  Needless to say, it drastically changed the scope of the project.  Not good!  It was neither my fault or my clients fault yet it had to be fixed.  I’m sure some companies would continue with only their part of the job and move on but we stopped for the day and met the clients on site to discuss their options.  In the end, the job cost a little more than expected yet wasn’t at all profitable for us.  We ended up working with our client since they never would have gone ahead with the drainage project if  they knew about the damaged pipe ahead of time.  Ultimately, we fixed the original drainage issue, designed a better system and gave them 2 new outlet pipes instead of one for more capacity.

Also, last week I bent the hitch plate on our new Kubota M59, a $600 unexpected expense.

Yesterday, we were supposed to plant two trees.  One backhoe, a ton and a half of rocks and two holes later the trees were planted.

My head is healing from a 1″ gash a Hemlock branch caused last week.  Just as that wound is healing, I get a nice divot in my nose yesterday.  Yes, being a landscaper is a tough job and often brings physical and mental challenges but despite these struggles, it’s still my preferred way to make a living.

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