This blog is as much about inspiration and dreams as it is about horticultural techniques and the life and random thoughts of me, the owner, designer, and crew leader of my company Designing Eden llc.  When I see, design or install something cool that breaks tradition I like to show it here.

When it comes to driveway edging, almost all of the time the material of choice is granite belium block and it’s placed one way, on edge, perpendicular to the driveway.  Why is that? I much prefer it placed on an angle.  For one, it’s easier to get lawn mowers and other machinery over.  It also creates that nice clean edge yet isn’t as imposing as it is when the stone is placed on edge.  Thirdly, I guarantee that when your tire accidentally side swipes a perpendicularly placed belgium block, it will do a lot more damage to your tire.

Below is a picture of belgium block placed on angle.belgium block

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