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Plant Watch 2021: Rising Stars and Out of Favor

Every once in a while I write about plants that I’m really liking and plants I’ve decided they aren’t worth my time or precious space in the garden. Today, let’s talk bulbs. They are top of mind since we just finished another spring show of these early bloomers. First, a thought on bulbs and landscape

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Deer Resistant Native Plants That You Might Not Think Of

Creating an all native garden becomes a challenge if deer are in the neighborhood. Rudbeckia, Echinacea and Asters are garden staples in the native garden but they are also deer food. Following is a list of plants that are native to Connecticut that we’ve found deer tend to avoid.  These plants are not only native, 

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Girdled tree from Nylon Rope

Planting Trees. Do It Once, Do It Right

I often say that anyone can put plants in the ground and our real niche at Designing Eden llc, the thing that differentiates us from most others, is our ability to create kick ass landscape designs. A craft we’ve been perfecting ever since I graduated with an Associates Degree in Horticulture and a Bachelors Degree

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Kent Landscaping

Landscaping Connecticut: A Look back at 2020

2020 was a landscape season not to be forgotten. The season started with a lot of uncertainty due to Covid. Most landscapers assumed the market would pull back as Covid spread throughout Connecticut. In some regards, 2020 was business as usual and in some regards it was far from it. Color coding tools and garbage

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Best Boxwood CT

Best Boxwood for CT?

Boxwood Blight has definitely been a concern over the last couple of seasons in Connecticut. The blight, that has been in CT since 2011, has only been a rear problem in 2011, 2019 and 2020. Those season seemed to provide plenty of favorable weather for the blight. We had two clients that have had Boxwood

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Formal Vegetable Garden

Formal Vegetable Garden

The newest project at our property is a formal vegetable garden. Our previous vegetable garden, at 30’x40′, proved too large for our busy lifestyles. This new garden is being built in the previous location of our playground. The garden will eventually contain ten 4’x4′ corten steel raised planters. I still have to place four more

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Modern Washington Landscape

A Washington Pool and Landscape

Modern Washington Landscape This Washington pool and landscape was really starting to look good this past summer. This landscape is rather new and still maturing and filling in. The pool is surrounded by a 20 acre meadow of grasses and wildflowers. The concept for his pool and landscape was to let the meadow take center

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Breaking up an outdoor event truck.

Being sold as 1 or 2 lots. 1 lot being all the electrical supplies you see on this page. Lot 2 would be the truck body, the lift gate and the air assisted light pole. The truck is not for sale. At this point, I’m not willing to sell any of the electric parts separately.

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Candlewood Lake Landscape Design

Candlewood Lake Landscape Design

We are working on a landscape design for a project on Candlewood Lake. The project started as a total tear down of the existing structure with a total outdoor renovation. Now that the Corona virus is part of our daily lives, the project has recently morphed into a house renovation vs. a total tear down.

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Loading a Toro Dingo

Small Equipment Not Starting?

Do you ever have landscape equipment such as a chainsaw, hedge trimmer or string trimmer that won’t start after not being used for a while? I know I have. If you’re wondering what the problem is, it is most likely a fouled up carburetor. As the owner of a landscape business, I own a lot

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trench drain and drainage pipe

Drainage Installation Project

We received a call from someone who had an issue with a basement that would flood during heavy rains. The culprit, a basement door. The door was place at the bottom of a slope. During heavy rains, water would pool against the base of the door, eventually making its way into the basement. To make

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Lake Waramaug Landscape

Fall Landscape Washington

I took these photo’s the other day of a landscape in Washington the other day. The project is in progress and still needs some time to fill in but I’m excited to see the long term potential of this natural landscape.

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