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Designing Eden LLC has been providing landscape design, installation and garden maintenance services in Fairfield and Litchfield County for over 30 years. Richard, the owner, holds degrees in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. Check out our landscape design tips and information from the only nationally certified landscape designer in Litchfield County!

The Landscape Design Process

I’m posting some landscape concepts that have been developed for a project that we are currently working on. Our first meeting with the home owner developed the goals and design intent needed to start the design process. Once the first concept was developed and presented to the owners, it brought about more discussions and possibilities

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Shrink Your Lawn: A Guide to Establishing a Wildflower Meadow

Are you tired of maintaining your lawn and paying the associated costs with maintaining a lush carpet of green? There is another option. You can shrink the lawn and transform it into a vibrant wildflower meadow? We did a meadow in Kent a while back that has become pretty famous. Pictures of the meadow we

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Reducing Compaction and Finishing Landscape Projects

Our last step to putting a construction project back together is to repair the lawn areas damaged from all the construction equipment, material storage and foot traffic throughout the project. There are plenty of ways to repair a lawn after construction. Most companies will repair the damage by spreading some topsoil, seed and hay and

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Landscape Design, Installation and Garden Care

We’ve been in the landscape industry for a while. Over that time, we’ve definitely created some confusion with the services we offer. It is true that we offer only three main services; landscape design services, landscape installations and garden maintenance/detailing/garden care. Where these service offerings cause some confusion is that we have never offered landscape

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Winter Decorations and Containers

Last week, we swapped out the fall decorations at one of the properties we care for in Kent and installed the winter decorations. We typically fight the weather on this last swap out. Once the fall containers are past their prime, we pull the plants and remove quite a bit of the potting soil and

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A Rossiter House in Washington Gets an Appropriate Front Entrance

Above is a before picture of Stonegate, an Eric Rossiter house in Washington. We were hired to upgrade the tired landscape. The first thing we did was free the granite stone chimney and siding from English Ivy. We then transplanted and/or removed all of the existing boxwood that were haphazardly planted without a consideration to

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A Rossiter House in Washington gets a New Landscape

I’m excited to see this project we just completed at Stone Gate, an Ehrick Rossiter House in Washington, age and mature. The first couple of pictures were the existing conditions behind the house before we got started. A beautiful shingle style residence complete with a granite foundation and steps throughout the structure. Because of this,

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Preventing Vehicle Rust.

Owning a vehicle in a northern climate sucks. It really does. Vehicles are so much money and the chemicals towns put on the roads during snow events eats vehicles alive. It’s hard to keep a vehicle longer than 10 years in a northern climate without it showing signs of rust. Our landscape company doesn’t have

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Prepare your garden space properly before planting

One of the hardest things to tell clients and potential clients who want to spend money of landscaping is that they’re not ready for landscaping. They’ve decided to invest in landscaping and I’m there to tell them no. There’s a reason to my madness. Gardens and landscaping is either moving forwards or it’s moving backwards.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Garden

I see a lot of gardens created by homeowners and landscapers that leave a lot to be desired. Plants tend to be separated by seas of mulch with not a lot of variety in plant material or the exact opposite, the garden is a collection of plants with one of everything. To get the most

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A Native Cultivar Worth Considering.

What do you get when two New York native plants cross? You get one cool plant. The plant I’m talking about Scuttellaria ‘Appalachian Blues’. I’ve been using Scuttellaria ‘Appalachian Blues’ for two seasons now. I’m not sure what draws me to this plant. Maybe it’s just because it’s another plant for the shade garden. Actually,

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Groundcovers: The Glue That Holds The Garden Together

Groundcovers, low, ground hugging plants, have always been the most important plant in my landscape designs. Aesthetically, groundcovers play a huge role in the garden. They are essentially the glue that holds the garden together. Groundcovers help tie groups of plants together by connecting spaces that are typically occupied by seas of mulch. Beyond aesthetics,

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