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Modern Washington Landscape

A Washington Pool and Landscape

This Washington pool and landscape was really starting to look good this past summer. This landscape is rather new and still maturing and filling in. The pool is surrounded by a 20 acre meadow of grasses and wildflowers. The concept for his pool and landscape was to let the meadow take center stage while still

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Breaking up an outdoor event truck.

Being sold as 1 or 2 lots. 1 lot being all the electrical supplies you see on this page. Lot 2 would be the truck body, the lift gate and the air assisted light pole. The truck is not for sale. At this point, I’m not willing to sell any of the electric parts separately.

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Candlewood Lake Landscape Design

Candlewood Lake Landscape Design

We are working on a landscape design for a project on Candlewood Lake. The project started as a total tear down of the existing structure with a total outdoor renovation. Now that the Corona virus is part of our daily lives, the project has recently morphed into a house renovation vs. a total tear down.

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Loading a Toro Dingo

Small Equipment Not Starting?

Do you ever have landscape equipment such as a chainsaw, hedge trimmer or string trimmer that won’t start after not being used for a while? I know I have. If you’re wondering what the problem is, it is most likely a fouled up carburetor. As the owner of a landscape business, I own a lot

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trench drain and drainage pipe

Drainage installation Project

We received a call from someone who had an issue with a basement that would flood during heavy rains. The culprit, a basement door. The door was place at the bottom of a slope. During heavy rains, water would pool against the base of the door, eventually making its way into the basement. To make

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Lake Waramaug Landscape

Fall Landscape Washington

I took these photo’s the other day of a landscape in Washington the other day. The project is in progress and still needs some time to fill in but I’m excited to see the long term potential of this natural landscape.

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A natural landscape in New Preston

Landscape Progress New Preston

Landscape Progress New Preston Here are some landscape progress shots of a property on Lake Waramaug in New Preston we are currently working on. The concept of this project is a Piet Oudolf inspired meadow. Lots of flowers, thousands actually, planted in a meadow like setting. It’s not a native meadow. This planting consists of

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Lychnis ‘Orange Gnome’

I’m always trialing new plants. I planted Lychnis ‘Orange Gnome’ this spring because it was a plant I didn’t have experience with. What I know so far is it appears to be pretty drought tolerant. It made it through this extra hot spring/early summer as a newly planted plant without a lot of attention or

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Landscape In Progress: Kent

After 38 years in the landscape industry, 28 years focusing on landscape design and garden installation, there’s not a lot of projects I get really excited about but this is one of those projects. Its not a huge landscape installation project. It’s not even a huge house. It’s quite the opposite. The project consists of

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A New Front Entrance Design

We just completed this landscape design for a residence in Kent. All of the outdoor living space is on the east side of the house. The small entrance patio is used in the afternoons and evening for relaxing. The main goal of this project was to create a more generous patio that would allow seating

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Bare Root Trees Direct to Landscape

I’m always trying to learn, experiment, and grow as a Horticulturist so when it came time to adding some trees to my own wetland, it became more of an experiment than anything else. For a couple of years, I’ve wanted to add some Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica) trees to my wetland. Instead of just purchasing landscape

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Spring Garden Tasks

One of the first garden tasks I complete every spring is to cut back all the shrubs that flower on new wood. By doing so, I’m not only controlling overall height of the plant but I’m promoting an abundance of flowers. Plants that flower on new wood don’t really care how much they are cut

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