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Spring Garden Tasks

One of the first garden tasks I complete every spring is to cut back all the shrubs that flower on new wood. By doing so, I’m not only controlling overall height of the plant but I’m promoting an abundance of flowers. Plants that flower on new wood don’t really care how much they are cut

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Landscape Design Concepts

When we present a landscape design concept to a potential client, most of the time they usually rely on our many years of our expertise in design and horticulture. But sometimes after the initial presentation, things change beyond the original design intent. In this case, the client asked for a pull off for visitor parking

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Washington Design

Winter is typically a time when we are designing the landscape projects we will install this coming season. This is one of those projects. This photo is the beginning concepts for a Washington landscape. The project will include the filling of the old pool, creating a new pool, new parking court and driveway layout, new

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How to plant a tree

There are many factors that go into a successful tree planting.  The first and most important factor is planting depth.  Below is what a newly planted tree should look like. Unfortunately, the majority of trees I see planted look like this. Notice the roof flare is not visible on the above tree. Not good! This

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A Greener Landscaper

Landscape New Milford I’ve become friendly with a lot of landscapers over the years.  In conversations with these people, one thing is clear.  All of these people went into the landscape business because they have always enjoyed being outside and they all have strong ties to the natural environment.  Those of us landscapers who ended

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Plant Watch 2019: Rising Stars and Out of Favor

Every season I find some new underused plant that outperform my expectations. At the same time, I decide to cut ties with other plants that we’ve used on multiple jobs with lackluster results. First, the stinkers. This is the best this plant will look. Usually it sends up long stalks and the rebloom is hardly

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Piet Oudoff inspired landscape

I’m not going to lie, I was a little taken back when a client came to me and asked if I could design a Piet Oudoff inspired garden where there lawn currently existed. It’s not a huge lawn but it would still be a large undertaking that would require thousands of plants. Of course, I

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Newest Landscape Project in Washington

Here is a new landscape we are currently working on in Washington. The new house was carved into a slope above Lake Waramaug, creating this interesting courtyard. The space includes a pergola covered dining space, an entertainment area with fireplace and entrance gates that provides some enclosure from the driveway/garage side of the house. I

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Latest Landscape Design in Washington

Landscape design Washington Here is a landscape design for existing clients who recently moved from Sherman to Washington. It a beautiful house. Prior to the sale, the previous owners planted lavender in a garden area within the back patio. Lavender never does well if it doesn’t have very specific soil requirements and gets some winter

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New Landscape in Washington

We are almost finished with a new landscape in Washington along Lake Waramaug. We’re still waiting on the Thyme plugs which will be planted within the stepping stones. The landscape includes a dining area under the trellis, a seating area with fireplace. I love how the double gates and stepping stones draw you into the

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Prepping for a Wildflower Meadow

We starting prepping for a wildflower meadow this week. Most people do not realize that creating a wildflower meadow isn’t as easy as throwing some seed. It’s much more involved than that, with the whole process taking upwards of a year. Most meadows fail due to plant competition so creating a sustainable meadow starts will

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Homemade Firepit

For years, we had a firepit consisting of boulders in the middle of our lawn. Over the years, I became tired of looking at it and cutting the lawn around the boulders weekly for the occasional fire. It was time for a new firepit. One that I could pick up and move out of the

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