I found this product by chance. I had this gap between my raised hearth and wood floor. After 15 years, I finally got tired enough with the look that I decided to fill it in with something. At first, I thought I’d fill it with cement mortar but before I did, I starting wondering if there was a substitute to cement mortar. I starting searching the internet and found this product.

The reason I started looking for a substitute to cement mortar was because of our indoor environment and our floors. When we built our house, I installed wide pine flooring with old style face nails. At the same time, we also installed a wood burning furnace. Because we aren’t dependent on fossil fuels, we tend to keep our house pretty warm in the winter. Our wide pine floors move quite a bit from winter to summer. I was worried about the cracking that would occur with cement grout. In an outside environment, cement grout needs quite a bit of ongoing maintenance, even with a proper cement base. My own front entrance is a 6 foot wide bluestone walkway placed on a 6″ slab of cement. Even with it’s overbuilt slab, I still get a lot of cracking of our cement grout. As the tube says, this caulk looks like mortar and stretches like rubber. I hope that’s true. It is really mortar like, even the texture. I did notice it took a long time to dry, like days, in a controlled environment of heat and minimal humidity so in an outdoor environment, chose you weather carefully. My one disappointment is the color. I wish the color was a little more grey and a little less white. That being said, I’m going to test it outside in my bluestone walk and see if it holds up better than my current cement mortar.

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