How to conceal a dryer vent in the landscape? The exhaust from a dryer vent can wreak havoc to plants, especially in winter.  So how do you deal with this landscape dilemma? Forget about camouflaging the vent with plants. The back of an evergreen, if not the whole plant, will eventually desiccate with the heat and wind that a dryer will provide. It will also be tough to go with a deciduous shrub or group of perennials due to the constant heat and blowing.  I suppose you could make some type of wood or fabric screen to protect the back of the plant and diffuse the heat but the thought of that seemed like more maintenance than I was looking for.

camouflaging a dryer vent

camouflaging a dryer vent

For my own dryer vent, I decided to add something architectural to the landscape.  There is only one vent near my back door but for symmetry, I added 2 large flower pots within the garden bed on either side of the back door.  I was busy at the time so I let my 10 year old finish the pots from the leftover annuals from spring.  It didn’t come out too bad.  I’m looking forward to the low maintenance that the flower pots will provide and the fact that I won’t have to replace any plants due to the microclimate that the vent creates. 

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