Being the owner of a landscape design and installation company, our property has always been similar to the cobbler’s children having no shoes.  Our landscape is pathetic!  It’s always the last to be cleaned up and mulched, regular garden maintenance is always weeks behind schedule and the landscape is filled with a bunch of hammy downs and test plants.  It never looks as good as the landscapes we are paid to install and maintain at Designing Eden llc.  I’m really going to try harder to make it more respectable this season.  What is hard about being a landscape designer and having your own garden is a lot of the garden is always being used for testing new plants or design principles.  My garden is ever changing, constantly being ripped out and redone when things don’t pass the grade.  One of the things I’m testing now is edger plants.  I’m always looking for more ‘front of the garden’ plants to use in our landscape designs.  Here is a view down my stepping stone walkway with a hole slew of not so common edger plants.  Of course, a bunch didn’t make it through the tough winter so I have some more voids to fill in the landscape but this group did make it through the winter and are moving up my must have list.  walkway with edger plantsWhat do you think?  What are your favorite edger plants?

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