We recently took over the maintenance of a garden in Redding. In this case, we were called to the property to install their new pool landscape. During the design process, the client asked if we could also take over the maintenance of their garden. When we take over a new garden, we always try to correct previous issues as quickly as possible. Some issues are quick and easy to correct, others might take years to correct. Our first change we needed to make to this property was to remove the excess mulch that existed throughout the gardens. The previous company was putting way too much mulch down in the garden. So much so that the mulch ended up inches above the house sill. Unfortunately, the mulch rotted the trim underneath a bay window and it will need to be replaced. In this area, we caught the issue early enough. too much mulch

We also removed the excess mulch around the trees on the property. Trees don’t die overnight but prolonged exposure to excess mulch around the base of a tree is not good and will slowly put a tree in decline.

Another area we will be addressing over the long haul is the height of the Boxwoods. We see this often in the landscape. It’s really hard to control the height of a shrub long turn when you’re only using a hedge trimmer. Every year, plants continue to inch up until they are towering over the windows. At some point, someone has to prune a plant with pruners from the inside out. This is usually the point we are called in. The garden has outgrow the current maintenance approach and a different strategy is needed and no one knows what to do or how to do it.

The goal will be to reduce the height of these Boxwoods by at least a foot. It won’t happen today or even next year. It will take some years but we’ll get them to a more comfortable height.

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