For years, we had a firepit consisting of boulders in the middle of our lawn. Over the years, I became tired of looking at it and cutting the lawn around the boulders weekly for the occasional fire. It was time for a new firepit. One that I could pick up and move out of the way when not in use. Since our boulder firepit was large, probably 7-8′ in diameter, I still wanted a large firepit. I started looking to purchase a firepit but I couldn’t find anything large enough to suit my needs so I started thinking of what I could use to make my own firepit. It wasn’t until visiting my son’s school that the idea came. His school have these large propane tanks. I thought if I could get a hold on one, the end would make a perfect firepit. Well, a large,free propane tank never came but I did get a hold of a free oil tank.

homemade firepit
homemade firepit

I was able to cut off the end and I welded short legs made from well casing. Here it is. Simple, elegant and best of all, free. You can’t beat the finish too. It’s a rusty metal with a beautiful patina similar to corten steel. What do you think?

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