Landscape design

Talk to any ski shop and they will tell you ski sales significantly increase after the first snow. The same can be said about the landscape design and installation business.  Once the first warm day occurs each spring our phone doesn’t stop ringing.  Winter is not only the perfect time to start planning next year’s projects, we encourage it.  Why?  Winter is a natural down time for most landscape companies.  The great advantage about creating designs is that it can be done any time of the year.  Plan now instead of in the spring.  Take advantage of our reduced design rates and our less hectic schedule from December through February.  It’s more affordable with a shorter turn around and you will be scheduled for installation prior to the spring rush.  From December through February, we design landscapes at a reduced hourly rate.  It might be wishful thinking, but it is our goal to someday have all of our design work for the coming season completed by mid March.


Chipping and storm damage

A wet snow or freezing rain can cause severe damage to trees and shrubs around your property.  The ground is typically frozen so damage to the turf from heavy equipment is limited.  Winter is also a great time of year to clear out that section of your property that is out of control.


Dormant pruning

Many plants benefit from dormant pruning.  Dormant pruning improves the health and vigor of a plant, stimulates fruiting and flowering, allows more light to reach the ground, and controls the size and shape of a plant.


Deer spraying

Winter is the time when home landscapes feel the most pressure from browsing deer.  Deer are most hungry when the leaves have fallen and the underbrush has died back. Nothing is guaranteed with deer, but we have found that the earlier in the season you start spraying the better off you are.  You need to start spraying a shrub for winter protection in the late summer while there are still other plants available for the deer to eat.

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