A lot goes into a successful landscape but the most basic principle for a successful landscape has to begin with the right plant in the right spot. All too often, plants are out of place in the landscape and they begin to fail prematurely. In this picture below, Blue Spruces are planted as an understory to larger deciduous trees. Blue Spruces are definitely not a shade plant or even a partial shade plant. If you look closely, you can see some of the Spruces in the distance already struggling. This planting is not terribly old and I’m sure someone paid quite a bit of money to have it installed. It’s unfortunate that it will eventually fail. A bunch better solution would have been our native Hemlock,Arborvitaes,or Norway Spruces. If you are planning a landscape, you’ll have much better luck at a successful landscape by doing some research to match your site conditions to a plants needs.

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