There are a lot of house guests who get confused as to which door they are supposed to go to when arriving at a property. Furthermore, there are a lot of houses that offer multiple door options visible from the driveway.  It’s a dilemma that is pretty common.  Do I go up this path or that path?  Should I go to this door or that door? The landscape plan (below) came about due to a clients desire to get guests to the front door rather than the door closest to the driveway. Getting guest beyond the first door they see or pass by can be difficult because it’s human habit to take the path of least resistance.

Newtown landscape and entry

In this landscape plan, a main walk directs people to the front door.  This walk is wide enough for two people to walk side by side.  A narrower walk, that goes to a new mudroom addition, will be used by the family.  The narrow walk is shielded by taller plantings to further conceal this secondary walk. A new circulation pattern in conjunction with plantings and landscape/architectural lighting will eliminate any doubt as to where a guest is supposed to go.

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