Landscaping and Landscape Design Services in New Milford, CT

We provide boutique landscaping services services in New Milford and throughout Litchfield County, including:


We specialize in bridging the gap between expensive Landscape Architecture services, and your typical landscape company that offers landscape design services, but isn’t very good at it.

We love to talk to people who have an interest in creating beautiful, fun outdoor environments where people can see a return on investment of up to 200%, and add as much as 15% in value to their property without adding square footage, or increasing their property taxes.

I welcome you to take a closer look into our company and see the many benefits that we can offer you.


Richard Schipul

Proud to be the only nationally certified landscape designer in Litchfield County.

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Our Latest Landscaping Blog Posts

Landscape Progress New Preston

Landscape Progress New Preston Here are some landscape progress shots of a property on Lake Waramaug in New Preston we are currently working on. The concept of this project is a Piet Oudolf inspired meadow. Lots of flowers, thousands actually, planted in a meadow like setting. It’s not a native meadow. This planting consists of

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Lychnis ‘Orange Gnome’

I’m always trialing new plants. I planted Lychnis ‘Orange Gnome’ this spring because it was a plant I didn’t have experience with. What I know so far is it appears to be pretty drought tolerant. It made it through this extra hot spring/early summer as a newly planted plant without a lot of attention or

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Landscape In Progress: Kent

After 38 years in the landscape industry, 28 years focusing on landscape design and garden installation, there’s not a lot of projects I get really excited about but this is one of those projects. Its not a huge landscape installation project. It’s not even a huge house. It’s quite the opposite. The project consists of

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