Landscaping and Landscape Design Services in Litchfield, CT

We provide boutique landscaping services services in Litchfield and throughout Litchfield County, including:


We specialize in bridging the gap between expensive Landscape Architecture services, and your typical landscape company that offers landscape design services, but isn’t very good at it.

We love to talk to people who have an interest in creating beautiful, fun outdoor environments where people can see a return on investment of up to 200%, and add as much as 15% in value to their property without adding square footage, or increasing their property taxes.

I welcome you to take a closer look into our company and see the many benefits that we can offer you.


Richard Schipul

Proud to be the only nationally certified landscape designer in Litchfield County.

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Preventing Vehicle Rust.

Owning a vehicle in a northern climate sucks. It really does. Vehicles are so much money and the chemicals towns put on the roads during snow events eats vehicles alive. It’s hard to keep a vehicle longer than 10 years in a northern climate without it showing signs of rust. Our landscape company doesn’t have

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Prepare your garden space properly before planting

One of the hardest things to tell clients and potential clients who want to spend money of landscaping is that they’re not ready for landscaping. They’ve decided to invest in landscaping and I’m there to tell them no. There’s a reason to my madness. Gardens and landscaping is either moving forwards or it’s moving backwards.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Garden

I see a lot of gardens created by homeowners and landscapers that leave a lot to be desired. Plants tend to be separated by seas of mulch with not a lot of variety in plant material or the exact opposite, the garden is a collection of plants with one of everything. To get the most

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