I’ll admit that I’m not a plant guru. I am a self proclaimed plant-a-holic. I’m always looking for new and under used plants that haven’t made it to the popular list. As a designer, I look at plants based on shape, texture, flower color, when they flower and for how long. With most plants, I honestly can’t tell the difference between plant varieties that have a similar height, flower and foliage. I mean, can anyone tell the difference between one pink flowering Phlox vs. another? I also spend a lot of time outside, not just in built landscapes but natural areas as well. I’m always focused on the plants I see in those natural areas. In this part of the country, I often see the same common native plants, which is a small list based on what is supposed to be growing in our CT woods. That’s why, on a recent trip to Yosemite, I was shocked. On every hike, I was seeing all these native plants that I just don’t see in CT. Huechera, Coreopsis, Penstemon, Ginger, Galium, Carex. It was cool to witness so many plants that make U.S. native plant lists, actually growing in the wild. Below are some pictures of flowers from the trip.

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