I’m always wondering how we’re doing through the eyes of our clients in regards to their landscapes.  Sure, every once in a while we’ll get a handwritten note, voice mail or email thanking us for a job well done. It certainly would be nice to get a testimonial every day.  I’d be happy to get one every week for that matter.  I’ve been in the landscape business long enough to realize that our clients are usually too busy to actually sit down and formally thank us.  So I look for their satisfaction in other ways.  At Designing Eden, we have a lot of long time clients.  That has to account for something doesn’t it?  Once a landscape is complete, we are typically back year after year, multiple times a year to edge, mulch and maintain their gardens and investment. This week, I had another situation that provided me with some satisfaction that we remain on the right track.  An existing H.N.W. (high net worth)client recently bought a house in a neighboring town as an investment.  They already have a beautiful house that they have done extensive renovations to and they have big plans for this new property.  Work has already begun and I was surprised that no contractors from their main house were asked to work on the new property except Designing Eden.  I’ve never received much beyond a fast payment and friendly conversations from these clients but they are obviously pleased by the service and end product we provide.  Satisfaction through the eyes of our clients is always goal number 1.  Pictures of their summer landscape of their Bridgewater, CT house are below.  Enjoy!If you like what you see I encourage you to visit the Designing Eden website at www.DesigningEden.com

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