Once again, another heavy wet snow is falling in Fairfield and Litchfield County. Not only are these storms causing a late start to the landscape season, it’s also wreaking havoc on our landscapes. We were down in Westport yesterday, removing a large tree branch that just missed my clients house. Phew! I was surprised how much damage we saw on the drive down. It’s a war zone in Fairfield County. Trees and wires were down everywhere, a week after our last storm. At my own house, wires were pulled from one of our buildings and some of our nursery plants were crushed under the weight of the heavy snow. When the spring weather finally arrives, there will mostly likely be decisions to make with some of your landscape plants. You’ll have to decide whether to remove and replace or prune damage and wait for recovery. Besides all the trees and branches that came down around our property from the last storm, we had quite a bit of crushed plants in the landscape. Below is a Syringa ‘Bloomerang’. It’s a newer Lilac that promises reblooming. As with all new varieties, we usually test plants in our gardens before bringing them to our clients. The Bloomerang Lilac was being tested. After 2-3 years, I was never really impressed with it so we will be removing it and replacing with another type of plant this spring. If it was a plant i really liked, I would remove the damaged branches and let it recover but for this plant, it’s headed to the compost pile.

Syringa 'Bloomerang'

Syringa ‘Bloomerang’

A row of Kousa Dogwoods were damaged in the nursery as well as some Boxwoods and Viburnums. We’ll remove the damage from the Viburnum’s and Boxwood  and let them fill in but for the row of Kousa Dogwoods, the strategy will be to remove and replace.

Stay stay in today’s storm

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